Get more out of pipedrive and HubSpot

We've been doing pipedrive and HubSpot for 12 years and are amazing at that. Our solutions boost team productivity, conversion and customer satisfaction.

Because we know what we're doing.

What we do

Team passionate about pipedrive and HubSpot. Seasoned web developers. No-code aficionados. We help you pick the right CRM, customize it, integrate all your apps, automate the shit out of it and teach your team to be efficient with these tools.

Get better results

Companies entrust us with CRM setups to go beyond basic marketing needs.

We build efficient websites

We implement websites by the brilliant design studios to ensure their vision is technically impeccable and performant.

Secure and Compliant

All solutions strictly adhere to the GDPR and meet the highest security standards. And also lightning fast at any amount of data.

No Bullshit Approach

We walk the walk instead of just coaching you about best practices.

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Kickstart your sales with pipedrive

Free self-onboarding on steroids

Client Feedback


"It quickly became obvious that while could take care of building out the digital systems, their experience in understanding and developing better workflows is what we needed. We previously relied on individual staff to know what was going on with our customers. We now have a system that anybody can log on to, and understand exactly what has been done and what needs doing. The insight reports are simply amazing. Nikolai will take the time to understand your workflow needs before commencing the project. You may want to rush into it and get things going... but this will save you a lot of time in the long run"

Lee Hulsman
CEO at The Resort Club

"We were in a classic situation of partial digitization with isolated solutions. This made it difficult to see a coherent picture and develop a holistic marketing strategy. I appreciate the collaboration with Nikolai and his team. Especially small companies and startups like us, which are looking for flexible, frugal solutions have the right partner in to develop a lean setup meeting the requirements."

Julian Winsauer
CEO at Tiger Dental GmbH